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"You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy" Is Just Feudalism 2.0

"You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy" Is Just Feudalism 2.0

The great reset is only great for the elites who will control our future
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The elites hate you.

It’s not personal.

They just do.

Some think the elites are just indifferent to us, but they aren’t. The words “love” and “hate” are not merely theoretical notions — they are verbs.

Elites hated your ancestors, too.

Whether your ancestors were African slaves in the New World (especially in Brazil), or serfs under the British aristocracy, or peasants under the Russian Tsars, or slaves under the Chinese dynasties, elites have extracted time and wealth from your family since before recorded history.

Until essentially the end of World War I, elites owned everything.

Take, for instance, the East India Company. A staff of 35 people controlled the fate of more than 100 million Indians from a five-window office in London.

Lack of ownership for the masses — that was the problem. (Well, you know, aside from the fact that the heart is desperately wicked, as Jeremiah points out.)

Whenever elites own everything, everyone else is shackled to horrible jobs just to survive, while the elites live in obscene luxury with no thought to the misery and suffering of the masses.

Sound familiar?

In the wake of the global pandemic, today’s elites are taking back the planet they believe rightfully belongs to them, and putting the rest of us back where they believe we belong:

In economic chains.

The Great Reset

In January 2021, the hyper-elitist World Economic Forum — hosted by Prince Charles and sponsored by glowing anti-democratic monopolists including Blackrock and JPMorgan — held its 50th annual meeting from the Alpine slopes of Davos, Switzerland.

The theme was The Great Reset, a proposal to rebuild the economy “sustainably” in the wake of COVID-19.


Even billionaire-obsessed Forbes Magazine had to admit their agenda was “another example of wealthy, powerful elites salving their consciences with faux efforts to help the masses, and in the process make themselves even wealthier and more powerful.”

In the WEF video 8 Predictions For The World In 2030, the very first prediction is:

“You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.”

As the WEF explained on its website:

[By 2030] all products will have become services. “I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes.” Shopping is a distant memory in the city of 2030, whose inhabitants have cracked clean energy and borrow what they need on demand. It sounds utopian, until she mentions that her every move is tracked and outside the city live swathes of discontents, the ultimate depiction of a society split in two.

Notice the implicit threat towards the end?

Play ball or suffer.

And if the elites have their way, you won’t own your own underwear in nine years or less.

Slavery by another name

This, of course, begs the question:

If we won’t own anything… who will?

The answer is obvious: The elites will.

And they’ll rent it back to us for top dollar.

Whatever “the market” can bear.

But obviously, what the market can bear and what the people can bear are two different things entirely.

Interestingly, a societal structure in which the vast majority own nothing and have to work for elites just to stay alive already has a name:

It’s called feudalism.

Feudalism 2.0

Have you noticed that the economy is rapidly shape-shifting?

During the pandemic, billionaires added more than $5.5 trillion to their net worth.

If you chart the trajectory and do the math, you’ll discover elites will control the entire global economy within our lifetime.

Sadly, the goal of today’s elites is the same as their ancestors:

To enslave the world in order to extract the maximum amount of time and wealth from every living being.

Ownership matters

Without ownership, America’s 115,656,681 renters are at the whims of cruel land-lorders and Airbnb takeovers.

Without ownership, all of Tesla’s 70,000 employees miss out on their $14 million stake in the company they created, while Elon Musk makes $36 billion in a single day.

Without ownership, millions of Walmart employees struggle to feed their families, while the billionaire Walton family enjoys corporate socialism on an unprecedented scale.

Without ownership, people pay ever-increasing gas prices to get to work, the bottom billion go to bed hungry because of the slightest increase in grain prices, women and children prostitute their bodies to make ends me, and a million people globally move into slums every single day.

Without ownership, we don’t get to own stuff. Not our houses, cars, clothes, music, movies, furniture, appliances, or books. Everything becomes pay-per-use. And if you can’t pay, you don’t get to use it. No matter what it is.

Without ownership, every single one of us lives and dies by the market:

Without ownership, people don’t have stakes in the game. They aren’t invested. They become rogue actors, prone to dissent and violence and chaos.

And why not?

They didn’t sign up to play real-life monopoly.

Why not smash the board and shatter the pieces?

The end game

You’re probably wondering…

What’s the point of Feudalism 2.0?

Is it really worth the hassle of re-taking total ownership of the global economy and forcing the masses back into serfdom?

It’s not like it’ll win you friends, make you happy, or let you live forever.

So why bother?

Because elites are sad, broken, and delusional. They think that adding extra zeroes on their net worth will somehow give them peace of mind, contentment, true friendship, love, respect, and life purpose.

And because owning the world can’t and won’t satisfy, once the masses are crushed, elites will continue their bloody game of thrones until the day they die.

In a winner-take-all world, only one person can win.

The irony of ownership

Christians, of course, don’t believe in human ownership at all.

It’s absurd to us that something as temporary as a homo sapien thinks they can own something so “permanent” as a piece of a planet.

We know that God owns everything.

And that we’re just stewards.

Our mission is to take care of everything and everyone; to give Him all the glory; to live out His will and calling; to proclaim the good news; to make life on earth as it is in heaven and let His kingdom come in our lives and families and cities and nations.

When hundreds of millions of Christians do this, everything changes. The presence of God floods the earth. Justice rolls down like a mighty tide. Grace unites enemies. Truth gets a seat at the table. People become wildly generous. Instead of competing, people start cooperating and sharing life and resources as though they share a common father and a common inheritance.

It’s exactly the opposite of what the elites want.

It’s time to go to war with the elites

There are three earthly things we can do to resist the great reset.

And remember, if they have their way, it’s less than nine years until you won’t own your underwear.

1. Vote with your time and money

The polls can’t and won’t save you from the corporations that control Congress.

We have to bankrupt them.

The only way to do that is to stop giving them your money. No more shopping, no more banking, no more enriching predator corporations.

Go local and independent. Support Christian businesses. Start Christian businesses. Invest in Christian businesses. 

(You can also join the national strike that’s currently underway, refusing to contribute your time and talent to enrich multinational extractors.)

2. Amass owned assets, help others do the same, and never sell

I’m talking productive businesses, houses, land, building supplies, water sources, power generation, renewable lumber, animals, seeds. Real wealth.

Just be sure to check your stock portfolio and cleanse it of all unrighteousness.

And while you’re at it, download every movie and song that you ever hope to watch/listen to more than twice.

Otherwise, you’ll be forced to rent these things for top dollar, and in doing so, further enrich the most corrupt institutions and people on earth. And isn’t one of our jobs as Christians to participate in as little evil as possible?

3. Get offline and build real relationships with real people

We need to build resilient micro-societies.

And modern monasteries.

And cities.

And countries — entirely new anti-corporate, pro-commons sovereignties.

We need more community.

We need more friends.

We need more family.

When Feudalism 2.0 takes over the economy, we serfs are going to need each other.


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